Senior Health Physics Technician ANSI 3.1

Bert Morales
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Professional Certifications
• Certified Safety Professional #25374
• Certified Hazardous Material Manager #16716

• B.S. in Technology, specializing in Nuclear Technology, Regents College
• MBA in Engineering and Technology Management, City University

Specialized Training
• Naval Nuclear Power School & Training Unit
• Engineering Laboratory Technician School

• Fluent in Spanish
• Intermediate Russian

Professional Memberships
Secretary and Webmaster for Rio Grande Chapter of the Health Physics Society

UniTech Services Group
Radiation Safety Officer /Manager, Technical Accounts (from 11-01-09 to Present)
Duties included: Responsible for the implementation and oversight of all aspects of the radiation protection protect and radioactive material license at UniTech’s facility in Santa Fe, NM. Responsible for the management of UniTech’s protective clothing contracts with Los Alamos National Labs and Sandia National Labs.

Nevada Test Site (Environmental Restoration Group)
Senior Radiological Control Technician (from 05-18-09 to 10-21-09)
Duties included: Covered sample well drilling and performed tritium sampling and analysis. Provided radiological oversight during decommissioning activities at the nuclear rocket test facilities.

Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 03-16-09 to 05-07-09 )
Duties included: Covering refueling operations, including divers replacing the steam dryer, replacing Low Range Power Monitors (LRPMs), nuclear instrument testing and cavity decontamination.

Nevada Test Site (Environmental Restoration Group)
Radiological Control Technician (from 01-22-08 to 09-04-08)
Duties included: Performed radiological surveys and job coverage at above and below ground atomic detonation sites.

Idaho National Laboratory (PBF- Power Burst Faculty)
Radiological Control Technician (from 05-7-07 to 01-18-08)
Duties included: Provided job coverage of D&D operations of the Power Burst Facility (PBF). The PBF nuclear reactor was use to subject fuel samples to extreme power fluctuations, causing the fuel failures. This information gathered from this research was use to set operating limits for the commercial nuclear industry. Major responsibilities included Radiation Protection oversight for the removal of primary systems including Severe Fuel Damage lines, heat exchangers and reactor annulus systems.

Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site Bldg 771
Radiological Control Technician (from 10-28-01 to 06-12-02)
Duties included: Provided field supervision of D&D operations for the RFETS Plutonium Processing Facilities. Major responsibilities included Radiation Protection oversight for: 1) The deactivation of existing process systems including glove boxes, actinide piping, tanks and ventilation systems. 2) Source reduction and component size reduction of process glove boxes. 3) Chemical decontamination, SCO surveys, and packaging for shipment. Other responsibilities include development of DAC-hr tracking and trending programs to support D&D operations. Interfaced with D&D Supervisors in order to maintain a radiologically safe and productive work environment.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Unit 2 & 3
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 12-22-97 to 08-15-01, from 11-23-96 to 08-07-97, from 01-23-95 to 04-7-95 and from 07-10-95 to 09-14-95) Duties included: Provided HP coverage during six separate outages, for steam generator eddy current, sludge lancing, reactor coolant pump seal replacements, refueling evolutions, pressurizer spray valve and heater replacements. Served as HP leader during Emergency Planning drills. Performed job critiques and compliance walk down as part of San Onofre’s Leadership Observation Program. Collected plant and environmental gaseous, liquid, and solid samples for the purpose of performing radionuclide analysis. Assess radiation, contamination, and airborne radioactivity levels throughout the plant. Control and monitor radiation exposure to workers through the use of Remote Monitoring System, bioassays, surveys, respiratory protection and instruction. Performed testing on and minor repair of radiation detection instruments.

Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, Unit 2
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 10-20-97 to 11-20-97)
Duties included: Provided HP coverage for steam generator eddy current sludge lancing, nozzle dams installation/removal as well as reactor coolant pump and small valve maintenance inside containment.

South Texas Project Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 09-09-97 to 10-03-97 and from 09-25-95 to 11-4-95)
Duties included: Performed all phases of primary side steam-generator platform coverage and refueling operations, including cavity decontamination, reactor head seal replacement, and upender maintenance. Also performed off-site radioactive material shipping surveys and conducted pre-job briefs.

Battelle Research Facilities, Columbus, OH
Senior Health Physics/Characterization Technician (from 11-13-95 to 11-8-96)
Duties included: Establishing decision level values, release limits, normal background values, setting up soil sampling strategy, and obtaining samples for soil and drain system analysis. Identifying sources of contamination out in the field through the use of a NaI portable gamma spectroscopy system (Mircospec-2). Also was responsible for the review and tracking of characterization surveys, and soil sampling data as a lead characterization technician.

Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station in Mexico, Unit 1
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 04-16-95 to 5-17-95)
Duties included: Covering various drywell maintenance evolutions, including CRD change out, main steam isolation valve rebuilds, and the cutout of several hot spots located in drain valves for ALARA purposes.

Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Station
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 08-22-94 to 10-21-94)
Duties included: Covering several drywell maintenance evolutions, including CRD replacement, valve rebuilds and recirculating pump replacement. Also provided ALARA and pre-job briefings to drywell maintenance work groups.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 01-15-94 to 4-23-94)
Performed all phases of primary side steam-generator platform coverage, which included the use of the Remote Monitoring System.

Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station, Units 1 & 2
Senior Health Physics Technician (from 08-23-93 to 12-10-93)
Duties included: Performing extensive radiological surveillances and surveys for the characterization required to place Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2 into a Post Defueling Monitor Storage condition to await decommissioning. Also initiated Radiological Work Permits and provided containment and auxiliary building job coverage during Unit 1 refueling outage.

Crystal River Nuclear Power Station, Unit 3
Nuclear Chemistry/Countroom Technician (from 09-28-92 to 3-15-93)
Duties included: Operating and maintaining liquid scintillation detectors, gamma spectroscopy systems, air and liquid effluent monitors. Performing isotopic analysis and all associated calculations on soil, gases, liquids and smear samples.

United States Naval Nuclear Power Program
Engineering Laboratory Technician and Nuclear Operator (from 9-23-85 to 9-23-91)
Duties included: Directing job coverage for thousands of hours of complex nuclear plant maintenance. Writing and reviewing Radiation Work Permits, detailing job coverage alert levels, hold points and requirements. Administrating personnel dosimetry programs, including training, dosimetry issue, TLD reading, and tracking of exposure records. Directed a departmental training program, including the creation of long range training plans and qualification schedules.